About Us

Since 2008 Group of companies "RUSCOMPOZIT" unites the leading Russian manufacturers, suppliers and designers of solutions based on composite and geosynthetic materials for oil and gas transportation field, road industry, power industry, military industrial complex, housing and utilities infrastructure and construction. 

Steklonit Steklonit

production and sale of materials based on fiberglass

realization of technological solutions and materials for companies of oil and gas sector

Production and realization of a wide range of roll insulation materials for main gas lines repair.

production and realization of insulation and anti-corrosion materials (localization of Canadian manufacturer Canusa-CPS at own production since 2016)


Products and solutions based on geosynthetics and composites.

Group of companies "RUSCOMPOZIT" - Russian diversified holding that unites seven production areas, trading house and several independent business lines focused on various market segments of Russian economy and some foreign countries. Order portfolio includes more than 500 items from composite materials and about 50 items from geosynthetic materials. Since 2013 Group of companies RUSCOMPOZIT is successfully performing the development and realization of projects with the support and by the order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Strategic Initiative Agency and Russian Fund of Technological Development (Industrial Development Fund). Since 2016 RUSCOMPOZIT is realizing some innovation projects with the support of Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (ROSNANO). All products manufactured and supplied by the companies of GC "RUSCOMPOZIT" are certified and have passed the expert evaluation, including GC "RUSCOMPOZIT" that has the certificates confirming the availability and the approval for the production of nanocontaining products.