Ruscomposite: solutions for oil and gas transportationindustry, public roads, electricity-producing industry, military-industrial complex, housing and utilities infrastructure as well as building industry.
  • Equipment and materials for linear pipeline portion

    Production of equipment and insulation materials for overhaul and protection of gas and oil pipelines

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  • Construction of oil and gas field facilities

    Distributor of solutions and materials based on composites and geosynthetics for construction objects of gas and oil transport

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  • Materials for re-insulation and protection of pipelines

    Production of a wide range of insulation materials, pastes, hot applied bands, heat-shrinkable sleeves

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  • Production of fiberglass materials

    Production of  fiberglass materials

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  • Engineering. Project management

    Products and solutions based on geosynthetics and composites.

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Products and solutions based on geosynthetics and composites


Area of activity

  • Geosynthetics
  • Composite materials
  • Insulation materials
  • Reinforcing materials and raw materials for composite products
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