Structure company

One of the leaders in the development, production and supply of modern insulating materials used in the overhaul of gas and oil pipelines.

Since 2016, the plant has localized the production of insulating materials from the world famous Canadian brand "Canusa".

Production Profile: materials intended for insulation of pipelines of various diameters are represented by polymer-bituminous primers, mastics, tapes under trademarks TRANSKOR, LITKOR, POLIKOR, DEKOM, etc.
Products Profile: the company profiles comprise more than 40 names of products.
Performance: the total capacity of the"Delan" production sites is more than 60,000 tons of mastics per year.
Production asset: the Division asset consists of 5 its own production sites: In Smolensk, Tula and Moscow regions (in Noginsk, Chekhov and Egorievsk districts).
117638, Moscow City, 2 Odesskaya Street, Tower C